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Green Development



The hot and humid environment in the tropical rainforest is very suitable for the growth of puer tea trees. Rainforest has a unique combination of different plants in which all species are  interdependent to some extent. This interdependence is an important feature of the ecosystem  in rainforest. Together with other animals and plants, Puer tea trees live harmoniously in the rainforest, helping to protect the biodiversity.

On the premise of ensuring the quality of tea and controlling the cost of production, we insist on choosing green production and processing technology that is environment-friendly and resource efficient. We have developed and built many industrialized production lines, and conducted green manufacturing of puer tea which is also taken into consideration while designing new production lines. We plan to gradually achieve the goal of producing tea in a clean, mechanized, industrialized, and intelligent way. The use and emission of natural gas has been reduced to some extent, and the transformation and upgrade of puer tea industry  has also been promoted.